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Terminal Guidance


AGM-154 Joint Standoff Weapon

Updated: 8 August 2003

 Joint Stand Off Weapons (JSOW) aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)Services: Navy and Air Force

Description: The Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) is a key program that replaces five types of legacy air-to-ground weapons currently in the Navy's inventory. It is a joint Navy-Air Force program, with the Navy as the lead service. It provides a family of precision-guided weapons enabling defended target engagement from increased standoff distances (15 to 65 nautical miles) enhancing aircraft survivability. It was designed with reduced observability to enhance operational effectiveness against current and future surface-to-air threats.

JSOW is capable in adverse weather conditions and allows for the engagement of multiple targets from a single launch aircraft position. The JSOW family employs a common weapon body for all variants. The AGM-154A variant carries BLU-97 combined-effect bomblets for use against area targets and is combat proven against targets in Iraq and Yugoslavia. AGM-154B is designed for use against light-to-medium armored targets and carries a payload of 6 BLU-108 Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW) sub-munitions. A third variant, the AGM-154C incorporates an uncooled, terminal-guidance infrared seeker and the Broach multi-stage warhead. The AGM-154C will provide the warfighter with precision accuracy against targets vulnerable to blast fragmentation and penetration.

Background: The AGM-154A and AGM-154B have completed Engineering and Manufacturing development (EMD). The AGM-154A entered full rate production in December 1998 and is currently deployed in Navy and Air Force operational units. AGM-154B procurement has deferred by the Navy and the USAF no longer intends to procure the B variant. The AGM-154C EMD effort is nearing completion and production deliveries are planned to begin in 2004. JSOW is operational on the F/A-18C/D, F/A-18E/F, F-16, B-52, F-15E, and B-2 aircraft.

General Characteristics:
Primary Function: Air-to-surface Standoff from Point Defense (SOPD) weapon for use against a variety of targets.
Contractor: Raytheon Co.
Guidance: GPS/INS (Global Position/Inertial), Terminal IR Seeker (AGM-154C unique)
Length: 160 inches (4.1 meters)
Diameter: box shaped 13 inches (33.02 cm) on a side
Weight: From 1,065 pounds (483 kilograms) to 1,500 pounds (681 kilograms)
Wingspan: 106 inches (2.69 meters)
Aircraft Compatibility:
Navy: F/A-18 C/D, F/A-18 E/F, AV-8B, F-35
Air Force: F-16 Block 40/50, B-1, B-2, B-52, F-15, F-117, A-10, F-35A
Range: Low altitude launch - 15 nautical miles (27.78 kilometers), High altitude launch - 65 nautical miles (120.38 kilometers)
Warhead(s): BLU-97 - Combined effects bomblets, BLU-108 - Sensor fused weapon, Broach multi-stage warhead
Unit Cost:
AUPP AGM-154A, $148,000
AGM-154C, $198,000, based on PB04, BY$(1990)
Date Deployed: January 1999

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