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Terminal Guidance



M-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)

Description: The RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) is a lightweight quick-reaction, fire-and-forget missile designed to destroy anti-ship missiles and asymmetric air and surface threats. The RIM-116 RAM was developed as a joint program between the U.S. and German governments, and continues to be cooperatively produced and supported. Currently there are two RIM-116 configurations: Block 0 (RIM-116A) and Block 1 (RIM-116B). Block 1 is the current production configuration.

Features: The RIM-116 RAM is designed as an all-weather, high-firepower, low-cost, self-defense system against anti-ship cruise missiles and other asymmetric threats. Its original Block 0 design was based on the infrared seeker of the Stinger missile, and the warhead, rocket motor, and fuse from the Sidewinder missile. The Block 0 configuration uses Radio Frequency (RF) for midcourse guidance and transitions to Infrared (IR) guidance for terminal engagement. There is no shipboard support required (i.e. no illuminators) after missile launch. While retaining Block 0 guidance modes, Block 1 incorporates the added capability of autonomous IR-all-the-way guidance, thus countering advanced anti-ship missiles that do not employ onboard radar seekers. RIM-116 has been installed or is planned on the following ship classes: CV/CVN, DD-963, FFG, LHA, LHD, LSD, and LPD-17. The Navy expects to procure approximately 2,000 Block 1 missiles.

Background: The RIM-116 RAM is a joint venture between the U.S. and German governments. It is currently installed, or planned for installation, on 78 U.S. Navy and 30 German Navy ships.

General Characteristics

Primary Function: Surface-to-air or surface-to-surface missile
Contractor: Raytheon
Power Plant: Solid-propellant rocket
Length: 9.2 feet (2.80 meters)
Launch Weight: 162 pounds (73.48 kilograms)
Diameter: 5 inches (12.70 centimeters)
Wing Span: 1.4 feet (42.67 centimeters)
Speed: Supersonic
Warhead: 25 pounds (11.36 kilograms), conventional
Unit Cost: Block 1:$444,000
Date Deployed: Mid-1993
Surface platforms:
Amphibious Assault Ships (LHA/LHD)
Carriers (CV/CVN)
Dock Landing Ships (LSD)
Frigates (FFG)
Destroyers (DD/DDG)


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