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Terminal Guidance


H-3 Sea KingSH-3 coming in for landing

Description: A multi-purpose helicopter.

Features: The H-3 is a twin engine, all-weather helicopter. The SH-3H model is used by the Navy Reserves to detect, classify, track and destroy enemy submarines. It also provides logistical support and a search and rescue capability. The UH-3H model is utility configured for logistical support and search and rescue missions. The VH-3D model supports the Executive Transport Mission.
Background: The first version of this workhorse helicopter was flown more than 40 years ago. The Sea King has been replaced by the SH-60F Sea Hawk helicopters as the anti-submarine warfare helicopter. The transition was completed in the mid-1990s. The remaining Sea King helicopters have been configured for logistical support and search and rescue missions. Current plans are to phase out the H-3 by 2009.

General Characteristics

Functions by assignment:
VH-3D (HC-2) Executive Transport
UH-3H (HC-85/PMRF/VC-8) Utility and Torpedo recovery
SH-3H (HS-75) Carrier-based anti-submarine warfare
UH-3H (HC-2/Naval Air Stations) Logistics/Search & Rescue

Contractor: Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies, Stratford Conn.
Unit Cost: $6.4 million
Propulsion: Two General Electric T58-GE-402 turboshaft engines
Length: 73 feet (21.9 meters)
Fuselage length: 54 feet, 9 inches (16.5 meters)
Height: 17 feet (5.1 meters)
Weight: 11, 865 lbs. (5,339 kg) empty
Maximum Takeoff Weight: 21,000 pounds (9,450 kg)
Range: 542 nautical miles (623.3 statute miles, 997 km.)
Ceiling: 14,700 feet (4,410 meters)
Cruising Speed: 120 kts (138 miles per hour(217.6 km))
Crew: Four
Armament: Two Mk-46 torpedoes
Date Deployed: First flight, March 1959; Operational, June 1961

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