The Aircraft of Vostok Station POI

The F111. Details.
The F111, nicknamed the Pig. After 50 years it is still the most potent antiship platform in the world. Lance Hamilton's Pig is responsible for sinking the Chinese warship the Fuzhou.

F35 touches down.  Details
The JSF F35 is Australia's next generation fighter replacing the F18 and the F111.

F22 Raptor.  Details
The F22 Raptor. A US fourth generation jet fighter.

F18 Hornet. Details
Two F18 Hornets practice the buddy refueling technique.

F18 Super Hornet.  Details
Almost a third larger the the F18A, the F18E is a primary weapons platform in 2014.

F15 Eagle. Details
Based out of Okinawa, Japan, the F15 guards the back door to the US Carrier Task Force in 2014. 

The predecessor of the  SU-50
A Russian fourth generation jet, eventually jointly developed by China and Russia.  Details

The tilt rotor Osprey.  Details
The combat troop carrier entering service with the USA.

The Chinese J-10 Details
The Chinese J-10 is an obvious benefactor of the Israeli Lavi. 

Fulcrum and Falcon.  Details
A Polish MiG-29 formates on a U.S. F16 during joint excercises.

New USAF tanker
New USAF tanker support arrives in the theatre of operations.  Details

The Spectre Gunship. Details
The latest Spectre gunship equipped with rail guns and a 240km firing range.

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